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There’s a REASON for the way I do things.

Crafting an Image

If you were to believe the comics and most other media, it would seem that the discovery or development of super-powers leads inexorably to wearing tights and becoming a vigilante or a criminal. Well, obviously that’s an exaggeration. Comic books, … Continue reading

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Why Vigilantes Shouldn’t Kill The Bad Guys

Okay, first off, people shouldn’t be killing other people in general, obviously. But it is a common theme in all of your various media about masked vigilantes, that we mostly consider it pretty important to NOT kill our foes. And … Continue reading

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Vigilantes and the Police

Let me first state right up front that I absolutely respect and appreciate the police. Certainly, there have been incidents recently across the country that call into question the judgment of some individuals and even some police organizations in some … Continue reading

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