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My name is Captain Spith, or rather that’s the name I have given the public for the last 30+ years. I am a costumed vigilante and I have formed a LOT of opinions about a lot of things I’ve seen and experienced. For example, it is common to refer to me and my ilk as “superheroes,” but I have pretty strong reasons why I won’t use that term. For another example, I have a powerful aversion to killing my adversaries even when they most certainly deserve it. Then there is the ever-growing list of problems I have with how many costumed vigilantes are being portrayed on TV and in the movies. You’ll probably hear a lot about THAT.

In fact it is largely due to the ever-growing popularity of “Super-Hero” media that convinced me that it was time I started a blog to present my opinions (and lessons learned) to anybody who cares. I believe I have a pretty decent insight on what motivates a person to become a costumed vigilante, generally. At least I can let the world know why I do this, and why I feel it’s not a choice; it’s an irresistable urge.

The first gem I offer is from my first “f’rexample:” Don’t call me a “Super Hero.” Rather, I suppose, I won’t apply that moniker to myself; while I certainly strive to be a force for good, I hold a very high standard for earning the mantle of “Hero.” Maybe I am, maybe I’m not, but I leave it to others to judge my actions and assess the choices I make in my unsanctioned battle for justice. Thus I have coined my own term to describe my activities – “Career Vigilante.” As I said, I’ve been doing this for decades, which qualifies it as a “career” level activity, and since running around town in an identity-concealing outfit looking for criminals, thugs, and rapists is not a legally sanctioned activity, that makes me a vigilante. I’ve worked with many, many “Career Vigilantes” through the years, some of which I would absolutely describe as “Heroes,” and others that… not so much. I believe the title of “Career Vigilante” is sufficiently inclusive to cover pretty much all of the various characters you see or hear about that are at least trying to do the “right thing” even if their particular criteria vary; Batman, Spider-Man, the Flash, the Punisher, Daredevil, etc. They all have different codes and varying lengths to which they’ll go to accomplish their goals. But they’re all fighting for their ideal of “justice.” Half of them would qualify if I was only listing those I consider “heroes,” but they all fit the label… “Career Vigilante.”

Stay tuned for more rants and lectures about what I think about stuff.

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